Rajiv Gandhi Death History

Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi

The whole world was made to believe that the LTTE wanted it and Prahba and Pottu organised it.
Several people have been prosecuted and sentenced,some even to be hanged.
The hanging is not carried out jet, due to the appeal to the president by civil sprited citizens,who had grave concern that travesty of justic is in the making because of the way the trial was conducted.

The true culprits of the murder are at large and innocent people are behind bars and even facing death sentence.
Nalini,said to Priyanka,when Priyanka met her in the jail recently that the only crime she made was to be present at the meeting.
One of the public spirited citizen who has campaigned for a long time to find out the truth behind the murder of Rajiv Gandhi is a long time member of the Congress Party-TRICHI VELUCHAMY.

He was not only the member of the Congress Party,he was also asigned by the party to receive and be responsible to look after SUBRAMANIYA SAMY,when he came to India from States, to campaign in the general election for the Congress Party-the last one for Rajiv.
Veluchamy and the Suramania Samy were to geather during the campaign and when Subramania Samy addressed the election rallies of the party,Veluchamy translated the English speech of Subramaiya Samy,as he could not speak Tamil,even though he is supposed to be a Tamil.Veluchamy taught him to say `Vanakkam`.

During their association in the period of campaign,Trichy noted some odd behaviour of Subramaniya Samy.He was pusseled and could not figure out his behaviour.

Just four or five days before the election day,Subramania Samy told Trichy that he was going to catch a plane that evening to Delhi,as he had an important matter to attend in Delhi.It was already late to catch the plane and Trichy asked him how is he going to be in time.He said he will somehow or other manage it.

Then Trichy asked him,why he wanted to got to Delhi,when only few days left for the polling?
For that Subramaniya said,only if the polling took place.
Trichy was taken back asked him what does he meant?
Suramainia Samy bluffed and said, `anything could happen within that few days`!
In fact, really an important thing did happen before the polling day.

The day-after Subramaniya `left` for Delihi,in the morning,Trichy wanted to contact him,and rang to his wife`s home in Delhi.
The wife answered the call and said to Trichy that Samy was not in Delhi but in Chennai.
Several other Congress Party members wanted to contact him,but couldn`t.
Where was Subramaniya Samy those days?
Was he really in Delhi?
Who were the people he met in Delhi?
Or was he in Chennai at that time, he was purperted to be in Delhi, and who were people he met and what did he was upto those few days, before Gandhi was murdered?

Even though he was out of reach or contact for Trichy and other Congress people at that time ,but immediately after the bomb blast,which killed Rajiv,Subramaniya Samy rang somebody and told about the death of Rajiv.
How did he knew the death immediately?
Where was he at that time?
In Delhi or Chennai?

The odd behavior of Samy from the time he arrived from states and
his `disappearance` just before the bomb blast,raised suspicion on him by Trichy,and he recolected other incidences during his association with Samy and he repoted to the authrities.

But the authorities didn`t want to know any thing about it.
Then Trichy appeared in the hearing of the Jaines Commission and gave his version of the events.
The Jaine`s commisission which was appointed to find out the murderes of Rajiv,could not find the them and in its conclusion of the report the Commision mentioned the statement given by Trichy Veluchamy to the commission.
During the hearing of the Commision even though several people gave their evidence,but PRIYANKA was present only when Trichy Veluchamy gave evidence and his statemen.

Later,Soniya also met Trichy spoke and got all the details of his believe.
Did nothing of Trichy`s version of events!


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